Puffer Fish!

Hey guys! Check out these cool pictures of puffer fish! They’re so cute!

4 thoughts on “Puffer Fish!

  1. Jessi,

    Some of these puffer fish look like me – your big fat cat! Mom always just said I had big bones. Come to think of it, so did Mom!?

    Oh Well, its not tuna but they are still fish.

    I love you little buddy,

    Tiger (Oven Mitts)

  2. Hi Buddy, its me your trustworthy cat. I was searching the internet for Tuna and came to your blog.

    I really like your style!


    Tiger (Oven Mitts, Fatty)

  3. Hey Jessi,
    These are some pretty cool puffer fish. I have some pictures on my blog, take a look sometime.

    Madie Grace

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