3,545 pages – WOW!

The 13th Reality: The Journal of Curious Letters by James Dashner (492 pages)

Atticus Higginbottom, or Tick, is practically a genius. He is shocked when he receives a mysterious letter from Alaska, telling him that if he followed all the directions in the letters, he would be in a very dangerous situation, with many lives at stake. The letter is signed with the initials “M.G.” Tick is completely dumbfounded, but decides to participate in the seemingly ridiculous directions that M.G. has told him to follow. Along the way, Tick will meet some strange allies, both good and bad. Who can Tick trust? Who is M.G.? And the most difficult question of all, can Tick have the courage to continue on his dangerous journey through the “Realities”?







The 13th Reality: The Hunt For Dark Infinity by James Dashner (504 pages)

As Tick continues on in his dangerous quest as a Realitant, Master George tells him, Paul, and Sofia that very bad things are happening in the Realities. People are going insane, and Tick and his friends discover that there are worse things among the Realities than Mistress Jane and her “fangen.” Master George has learned that Mr. Chu, from the Fourth Reality is working on a very dangerous weapon called Dark Infinity. Tick finds that some enemies will become his allies when he and Mistress Jane are forced to compete against one another in the battle to reach the weapon first. 








The 13th Reality: The Blade of Shattered Hope by James Dashner (493 pages)

Since the near disaster in the Fourth Reality, things have changed for Tick. He is being homeschooled in the subject of science, and trying to understand the growing level of Chi’karda that Tick contains within. Just as he begins to master the subject, Mistress Jane shows up in his basement, scarred from the incident in the Fourth Reality. But this time, she is much more powerful than anyone could ever imagine. She has created a new weapon that could destroy all of the Realities if it is not stopped. Will Tick be able to convince Mistress Jane to stop the chaos for the Realities’ sake?








FOR THIS WHOLE SERIES: I thought that The 13th Reality series was written extremely well. I found myself feeling the same things that Tick, Paul, Sofia, Master George, Mothball, and Rutger all felt. You will LOVE this series if you enjoy science fiction, action, mystery, and adventure.


Just Listen by Sarah Dessen (371 pages)

Annabel Greene used to be normal. She received decent grades, had a best friend, and got along with her family nicely. One night, at a party, everything changed. She stopped being best friends with Sophie. Later on, she discovered that her sister had a majorly dangerous eating disorder. Annabel shut down. She no longer had any friends at school, and she didn’t talk to her family as much. That is, until the day she meets Owen Armstrong – the boy who always tells the truth. With Owen’s help, will Annabel finally be able to open up about the night she stopped being friends with Sophie? If you’re a romantic girl, no matter what age, READ THIS BOOK. I personally liked it because it was about music, honesty, and the true definition of love.







Finding Noel by Richard Paul Evans (304 pages)

Mark Smart doesn’t have anything going for him. He dropped out of college, works as a janitor at the local highschool, his girlfriend of four years dumped him for a rich doctor, and his landlord is always on him about the rent. Then he meets Macey, and everything changes. She’s beautiful, funny, and most of all, she actually cares about Mark. However, Macey has an ugly past that she’s still trying to move on from. She wants to find her long lost sister, who she was separated from at the age of five. Will Mark help Macey let go of the past and move on towards her future? This book spoke to me because it is about true love, family, and happiness.








Grace by Richard Paul Evans (307 pages)

Eric is an average fourteen year old, until he meets Grace. She ran away from home “just for kicks,” she tells Eric. Eric is a kind boy, so he invites Grace to live in Eric’s treehouse in his backyard. Grace is grateful, and they soon grow fond of each other and start dating. While this goes on, the police start looking for Grace, thinking that she is kidnapped. However, Grace doesn’t care. Eric knows that the girl he is in love with is not telling him the whole truth, and asks her about it. Grace tells him, and they become a team, dodging the police and Eric’s parents. Finally, Eric is forced to choose between the law and Grace. Which path will Eric choose? What will become of Eric’s first love? This book is about first love, friendship, and honesty. SPOILER ALERT: This book WILL make you cry, but only if you’re sensitive, like me.







Promise Me by Richard Paul Evans (352 pages)

Beth Cardall used to have everything – a happy marriage and a sweet daughter, Charlotte. Then tragedy strikes, and the only thing that Beth has left is six year old Charlotte, who doesn’t understand what Beth has gone through. Then, on Christmas Day, she meets Matthew. He is strikingly handsome, kind, mysterious, and romantic. Beth and Matthew fall in love, and only after this does Beth realize that Matthew has a secret, but it is too late for either of them to back out of their relationship. What is Matthew hiding? And will Beth be able to deal with the pain and sorrow that comes with it? This book is about true love, and will warm the hearts of every reader.







Finding Daddy by Louise Plummer (176 pages)

Mira lives with her mom and her her grandma, who she calls Bella. Mira and her family had left her father when Mira was just a toddler. Bella and Mira’s mom refuse to talk about him, so Mira decides to look up and find her father once and for all. She calls him, but is too scared, and hangs up. She finally emails him, and comes to the conclusion that her father is very kind and sincere. She and her father make plans to meet at an airport that is close to Mira’s house. Meanwhile, a stalker has broken into Mira’s house, killed Bella, and almost killed her mother. Mira now needs to see her father more than ever. When they meet however, Mira figures out that her father may not be as nice as he seems, and that her mother may have left him for a reason.







Home of the Braves by David Klass (368 pages)

Joe Brickman is a senior and the captain of the soccer team at Lawndale Highschool, which can be pretty tough at times. There’s a lot of fighting, and Joe participates in some of it, but usually only to defend himself. Joe has always had his neighbor, Kris, the girl which he secretly loves, to count on. Then Antonio “The Phenom” Silva moves to town. He’s from Brazil, and word has it that he’s an amazing soccer player. When Joe asks Antonio to join the team, Antonio refuses, saying that Joe’s team “does not play soccer.” Joe comes to the conclusion that The Phenom is a rich, snobby, stuck-up kid who thinks he’s all that just because of his soccer skills. Joe comes to hate him even more when Antonio starts dating his crush, Kris. I liked this book because I play soccer, but I also liked the romance aspect of it. Personally, I thought that this was an okay book, but not exactly enthralling.







The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner by Stephenie Meyer (178 pages)

Bree isn’t just a quiet teenager – she’s a vampire. Riley is in charge of her coven, and tells all of them to keep a low profile. Bree finds a friend in Diego, and when they get talking, they agree on one thing: they were created for a reason. All they know is that Riley will not tell his coven who their creator is, because their thoughts weren’t safe. Riley tells them that they would have to fight the “yellow eyes,” strange mysterious vampires who were trying to attack Riley’s coven. Bree knows that Riley is lying, but she doesn’t know the actual truth, so what else can she do but follow Riley? This book goes along with Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn, all by Stephenie Meyer. Instead of Bella’s perspective, it’s Bree’s. I found this book interesting because you get to see a newborn vampire’s point of view. I personally didn’t think it was a great book, but it was decent.

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  1. i thought that you did an awesome job summing up Just Listen and i think that is sounds like a great book.

  2. I thought that Promise Me and Grace sound like amazing books and I thought they were amazing as well.

  3. I think that Grace sounds like a really good book and I really want to read it. I really enjoy realistic fiction and the plot sounds fast paced and exciting. I am sensitive like you, but I don’t mind crying 🙂

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