A Kiss In Time

A Kiss In Time is a GREAT book! It’s by Alex Flinn, and I started reading it because I had already read Beastly, also by Alex Flinn. I really enjoyed Beastly, so I thought that I’d give another one of her books a try! Turns out, it was a really good decision on my part. I think that I like A Kiss In Time better than Beastly! A Kiss In Time is about a high school student, Jack, who isn’t really living life to the fullest. He’s into gardening, but his dad is already set on Jack taking over the family business. During the summer, Jack’s parents send him on a tour of the museums of Europe. There, Jack and his friend Travis skip the tour and go exploring. They find a real live castle with people in it, but the weird thing? They’re all asleep! Jack and Travis don’t know what to make of this, until they find a beautiful princess, who is also asleep. But for some reason, Jack feels the need to kiss this girl. He does, and suddenly, the princess awakens.

I loved this book because it has such an interesting twist on the children’s fairytale, Sleeping Beauty. I would give this book a 9.5 out of 10 for its complex twists in the plot. Alex Flinn also wrote the book with alternating perspectives from Jack and Talia, the princess, so that the reader knew what both characters were feeling and thinking. If you’re a girl who enjoys romance and a little bit of suspense, read this book!


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